• FAQs

    What are your exam pass rates? 

    Our pass rates are currently 90% – 100% across all courses ~ well in excess of the overall national average.  

    How will work experience benefit me?

    Having a qualification is a tremendous asset when it comes to making yourself more employable, but it’s not the only way to stand out to potential employers. Work experience is an important part of becoming ‘workplace-ready’. Work experience provides many benefits, giving you skills and experience that will allow you stand out to potential employers.  

    Can I pay by instalments?

    Silverhill Training offer payment plans on the full cost, however please note we cannot accept payments for administration or registration fees in instalments, these fees need to be paid in full at the initial stage of enrolment.  

    How much will it cost?

    The price of your training will vary depending on the qualification that you choose. The price of each course will be discussed during your interview. You may of course prefer to pay in full and benefit from a 30% discount.  

    How long will it take to complete my course?

    This all depends how much time you are able to devote to your studies. It can be confusing deciding which course is best for you, if you are unsure please contact our friendly team here for impartial advice and detailed guidance on the recommended study hours for each qualification.
  • Training & Apprenticeships

    Silverhill Training provide you the required skills to stand out and guide you step by step of the way through your learning journey and beyond.

    At Silverhill Training we offer high-quality training and support, including guidance from a fully qualified training consultant and additional learning to fill your requirements provided at a time that best suits you.

    Regardless of your current academic level, at Silverhill training “silverhilltraining.com” we have bespoke programmes that can deliver you the very best start to your career.

    We offer training, apprenticeships and traineeships for the following sectors;

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Business administration
    • Hospitality and Catering
    • Construction
    • Information Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Creative and Media
    • Land-based, Animal Welfare and Environment
    • Distribution and Warehousing
    • Law and Politics
    • Education, Training and Childcare
    • Low Carbon/Green
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Public Services
    • Engineering and manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Science and Mathematics
    • Hair and Beauty
    • Sports and Leisure
    • Health and Social Care
    • Travel and tourism

    Many of our programmes offer credible qualifications recognised by employers, qualifications we help our candidates to obtain may include; CompTia, Cisco, CIM, IDM, CPD, CIPD, IAB, AAT, Sage, ACCA, NCFE, CIW and Adobe.


    Are you aged between 16-23? Would you like to enter the world of work? we would love to help.

    Why not secure your future with an Apprenticeship. If you’re ready for employment or want a change of career then an Apprenticeship could be what you’re looking for.

    We source vacancies for Apprenticeship with employers across the UK.

    An Apprenticeship will allow you to earn as well as learn the required skills to progress in your particular career field. All you need is the right amount of drive and determination to become a success.

    Benefits of an apprenticeship:
    • wages
    • Holidays pay
    • Training / learning
    • Qualifications / certifications
    • job-related skills

    Start learning and earning today – speak to a consultant at Silverhill Training today or register your interest using our online form.

    Need more information about becoming an Apprentice?

    View the government’s Apprenticeship website, where you can watch videos of Apprentices sharing their views: www.apprenticeships.org.uk



    We’ve all heard This One Before

    “I can’t get into work because I don’t have any experience. I can’t get any experience because I don’t have a job.”

    This can be extremely frustrating, it’s disheartening and it can often seem like there’s no way forward.

    Traineeships from Silverhill Training will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and gain the experience that employers are looking for.

    The traineeship programme will offer you individual support, high quality training and work experience opportunities. Not only will you develop critical employability skills, but most importantly, sough after qualifications and often the opportunity to prove your capabilities to an employer.

    The duration of a traineeship programme ranges between 2 – 12 months, during which you’ll spend time training and gaining your employment skills. You will also have one to one time with an employment engagement consultant who will help you gain that valuable work experience you may possibly need. The employers you work with will be chosen to match your own individual requirements.

    The traineeship programme with Silverhill Training is simply the first step. Our specialist employer engagement team will assist you by reaching out to employers who are seeking committed candidates to fill their vacancies, we aim to help you find permanent employment, so that you can feel confident about your future.