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    What are your exam pass rates? 

    Our pass rates are currently 90% – 100% across all courses ~ well in excess of the overall national average.  

    How will work experience benefit me?

    Having a qualification is a tremendous asset when it comes to making yourself more employable, but it’s not the only way to stand out to potential employers. Work experience is an important part of becoming ‘workplace-ready’. Work experience provides many benefits, giving you skills and experience that will allow you stand out to potential employers.  

    Can I pay by instalments?

    Silverhill Training offer payment plans on the full cost, however please note we cannot accept payments for administration or registration fees in instalments, these fees need to be paid in full at the initial stage of enrolment.  

    How much will it cost?

    The price of your training will vary depending on the qualification that you choose. The price of each course will be discussed during your interview. You may of course prefer to pay in full and benefit from a 30% discount.  

    How long will it take to complete my course?

    This all depends how much time you are able to devote to your studies. It can be confusing deciding which course is best for you, if you are unsure please contact our friendly team here for impartial advice and detailed guidance on the recommended study hours for each qualification.
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    Average rating:  
     31 reviews
    by Ali Mohammad on Silverhill Training
    Worth every penny...

    I can honestly say I am pleased with the final results, worth every penny and the best investment any recent graduate could make. After finishing University and graduating with a 2:1 last summer, I spent over 6 months applying for entry level finance roles to get my foot through the door. I did manage to secure a few interviews but was told various times that I do not have enough experience, bit of a catch 22 for me as no one would give me the chance to gain the experience in the first place. I received a call in December from Silverhill Training and at first I was unsure about having to study again and paying after just finishing University but after speaking to my uncle who is an accountant he advised me that it sounds like a great opportunity and such things do require investments. Could not of been happier, I completed the training in 3 week secured a work placement which was in fact longer than the 3 months promised and I am now being offered multiple job opportunities. It really has made a difference and feels good having companies contact me rather than me having to chase after them, great opportunity for such a small investment in my opinion 5 star service.

    by ALorenzo on Silverhill Training
    SAGE training with Silverhill Training

    I joined Silverhill Training on March 2016, after finishing University over two years ago and finding it an absolute nightmare to get experience I was thrilled by the opportunity offered. The main thing which enticed me to join the Silverhill Training scheme is the benefits of online learning, although being slightly reluctant in the past after speaking with a consultant I gained a greater understanding of how I can take advantage of studying online. Being able to study from anywhere you choose meant I was able to work and gain a qualification at the same time. The course was pretty straight forward so the tutor was not really needed but when I did have a question they got back to me very quickly. Now that I am in a position and reflecting back to when I started, I just wish I found Silverhill Training allot sooner, would have saved allot of time and money.


    Not bad at all, managed to get fully qualified in 4 months with support from Glen and Sarah. I know so many people lose their motivation halfway but the way its done, I never hit the usual wall. The level of detail and career support with the CVs and interview workshops were invaluable right the way through to, employment. For this reason, I recommend it to all.

    by SinemRias on Silverhill Training
    Started training as a Legal Assistant with Silverhill

    Price was steep but what a course!

    Tutor advice, Help with my CV, extra qualifications and practical training, all a win-win to me. My only criticism is the delivery of the course, I would have liked perhaps audio or video and also payment plan to pay my course fees.

    Other than mentioned above, good investment!

    by MohIshmal on Silverhill Training
    IT Training package - £2000

    I finished the IT course in a pretty quickly, the good thing is you could always look back on the modules you completed, this helped with revision for the exam. I found it to be a seamless experience with no trouble at all along the way, after doing the training I was offered various placement opportunities. In total it’s a very good programme that everyone needs to do if you finding it difficult entering the field.

    by SiadKhan on Silverhill Training
    Highly Recommended Programme

    Great legal programme at Silverhill Training. Great layout and structure, friendly colleagues to work with in my placement. Overall great result. I really really recommend this programme if you would like to secure a position in the firm. I learned everything I needed and expected. Highly Recommended

    by Ashfat Swati on Silverhill Training
    placement and training opportunity

    My placement with silverhill has just started and I am looking forward to securing a role. The training side of things was very straight forward as mentioned, I managed to get through the training booklet within 6 weeks thanks to my tutor. Excellent ongoing support and great communication

    by J M Keston on Silverhill Training
    Training with Silverhill Training

    Joined Silverhill Training 4 months ago, hey called me about there services last year but due to lack of funding I was unable to join. This time around I applied through www.silverhilltraining.com, it was a quick and simple process which took no longer than 5 minutes. The manager remembered me and they still had my details on the system so I was able to get started straight away. It has been a superb experience, the professionalism at Silverhill Training is high and they pay attention to every detail when it comes to the customer being happy. Flexible training and the chance to get some practical knowledge was excellent. 5 stars for quality, effort and value for money.

    by Hussayn on Silverhill Training

    Excellent! Originally, I was like many others who didn’t know how effective it would be. Now I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best out there. I know much more than I did before starting out and feel much more confident and able since finishing the course. I urge everyone to give it a go if they’re still unsure.

    by Maxine Howard on Silverhill Training
    great course

    The online assessment training modules is great! The legal secretary course was really interesting. It was very visual with great detail that will benefit all levels of experience. We will be gaining exposure over the next weeks and will give feed back on the shadow training.Can't wait !!!!!

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