• FAQs

    What are your exam pass rates? 

    Our pass rates are currently 90% – 100% across all courses ~ well in excess of the overall national average.  

    How will work experience benefit me?

    Having a qualification is a tremendous asset when it comes to making yourself more employable, but it’s not the only way to stand out to potential employers. Work experience is an important part of becoming ‘workplace-ready’. Work experience provides many benefits, giving you skills and experience that will allow you stand out to potential employers.  

    Can I pay by instalments?

    Silverhill Training offer payment plans on the full cost, however please note we cannot accept payments for administration or registration fees in instalments, these fees need to be paid in full at the initial stage of enrolment.  

    How much will it cost?

    The price of your training will vary depending on the qualification that you choose. The price of each course will be discussed during your interview. You may of course prefer to pay in full and benefit from a 30% discount.  

    How long will it take to complete my course?

    This all depends how much time you are able to devote to your studies. It can be confusing deciding which course is best for you, if you are unsure please contact our friendly team here for impartial advice and detailed guidance on the recommended study hours for each qualification.
  • Employers

    “Silverhill Training has available talent ready to fit right into your business today.”

    A new way to hire with Silverhill Training

    Our exclusive service structure means our candidates receive hours of industry focused training – guaranteeing they are the ideal fit for your company from day one.

    Silverhill Training work with a variety of industry sectors ensure that we have a wide selection of candidates who are prepared to work in companies just like yours, whether it be permanent or temporary.

    Silverhill Training offer a fully managed service, and focus to take the burden of recruitment away from you – only forwarding the best fully qualified staff that is ready for your business. Silverhill Training continue to support candidates, helping them to succeed in your company – which is completely free of charge to you.


    Simple, cost-free Recruitment

    Recruiting suitable candidates can be time-consuming and costly. Allow Silverhill Training to help – after all it’s completely cost-free!

    We provide a variety of services that leave you free to concentrate on making your business grow.

    We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality services. We would like recruiters to continue using our services, so it’s in our best interest to ensure we continuously deliver.

    We send you well-prepared candidates who are appropriate for your vacancies. Our enthusiastic account managers carefully screen a large selection of candidates, concentrating on their proficiency, expertise and attitude, before putting them forward.

    An account manager will take time out to learn about your company ethos, staff benefits, practices and values prior to selecting staff for your vacancies. We can visit your locations and, if required, shadow candidates to ensure they are working effectively.

    We will help you find the most suitable people for your business. The more we learn about your business, is the more we can help.


    What we do to prepare our candidates

    At Silverhill Training “silverhilltraining.com” we provide training that is personalised for your company to ensure candidates understand your specific requirements.

    We run training programmes to promote your sector and ensure possible employees know what to anticipate.